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Admin Admin | Jun 7, 2024

Version 1.0.3 Patch Notes

MetaPals Patch Notes Version 1.0.3: New Updates!

Greetings, MetaPals community!

We are excited to announce the release of Patch Notes Version 1.0.3, featuring exciting updates, new features, bug fixes, and known issues to keep you informed and engaged in the MetaPals world.

Let's jump in and see what's new!

Updates and New Features

  • Replaced the "Routines" button with "Check-In" in the top bar for a clearer daily reward system.
  • Renamed the "Sanctuary" button to "World" in the top bar for better clarity.
  • Rearranged the top bar buttons for improved hierarchy.
  • Added a first-time onboarding reward for users who complete the pop-up guide tutorial.
  • Changed 'Pet Food' to Cereal Boxes.
  • Introduced new consumables: Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast.
  • Added interactive companions in Sanctuary Central.
  • Custom sizes are now available for companion consumables in the Sanctuary.
  • Added new feeding animations for Teletubbies companions.
  • Added welcome letters for Teletubbies and Noo-noo to post-adoption inbox messages.
  • Updated the News visuals and blog links.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated waking up and leveling up animations for Teletubbies and Noonoo.
  • Buttons are now disabled after adding a friend.
  • Disabled sleep/wake and call/dismiss buttons in sanctuary and backyard areas.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally, the extension may appear unresponsive. Switching back and forth between tabs will resolve this.
  • There is a chance that the companion will become a duplicate. Please try reloading the tab from the settings and report a bug if the issue persists.
  • If your companion doesn't want to eat despite hunger being below 100%, try moving the pet and the food.
  • If a companion is missing on a specific tab and the summon bell doesn't work, simply refresh the tab.
  • Glitching may occur in companion facial expression and turning animation, sometimes resulting in the companion glitching into sleep position when picked up.
  • Delays in updating food quantities on the server result in hunger stats not increasing promptly as expected, leading to inconsistencies in food amounts.

We're actively resolving this issue. Thank you for your understanding. If you need assistance, please submit a bug report.

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