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Admin Admin | Mar 12, 2024

Version 0.3.2 Patch Notes

MetaPals Patch Notes Version 0.3.2: New Extension Updates!

Greetings, MetaPals community!

We are excited to announce the release of Patch Notes Version 0.3.2, featuring exciting updates, new features, bug fixes, and known issues to keep you informed and engaged in the MetaPals world.

Let's jump in and see what's new!

Updates and New Features

  • User can now conveniently copy User ID from the Profile menu.
  • The Update Button in Settings menu now takes you directly to the extension management page to avoid version detection issues from Chromium.
  • Monthly missions are now sorted better, with completed missions listed first and claimed ones at the bottom, making it easier to track your progress.
  • A new minimize button has been added to the top bar, allowing you to quickly minimize the extended version.
  • The extended version will now automatically minimize after 3 seconds of inactivity.
  • Hovering over Kennel Care Index measurements will now display the status numeric value, giving you more insight into your companion's well-being when hovering.
  • Your companion will now wake up automatically when its energy is full.
  • Pressing the Backpack menu will now default to showing your Inventory menu instead to Equipped menu, streamlining navigation.
  • The color of the status progress bar in the top bar now change based on its value, providing clearer indications of your companion's status.
  • Progress bars in the top bar will now glow red when at 20% and green when at 100%, making them more noticeable.
  • Adjusted the settings and profile icon in the companion shortcut menu.
  • Numeric values in the top bar and kennel now show two decimal places without rounding up for more precise tracking.
  • Dropping items from your inventory will now place them in the center of the screen for easier access.
  • Added background music on Sanctuary website. Now you can adjust the volume control from the Sanctuary and the top bar Settings menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed squeezed appearance issues with metapals companions on the website.
  • Resolved the problem of not being able to open the mail menu in other people's backyards.
  • Care Index values are now synced correctly between the extended and minimized tabs.
  • Fixed the repetitive popping up of the level-up dialog.
  • Fixed the glitches with routines missions.
  • The claim all button now works properly as intended. User can now claim all missions by clicking the button.
  • Companion accessories now equipped properly on the Instagram desktop page.
  • The top bar 'Sleep' button now changes to 'Awake' when the companion is sleeping.
  • Leap animation sequences have been smoothed out for a more natural look and feel.
  • The animations in the Sanctuary buildings have been removed for better optimization until the team can develop a more refined optimization solution.

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Known Issues

  • Occasionally, the extension may appear unresponsive. Switching back and forth between tabs will resolve this.
  • There is a chance that the companion will become a duplicate. Please try reloading the tab from the settings and report a bug if the issue persists.
  • If your companion doesn't want to eat despite hunger being below 100%, try moving the pet and the food.
  • If a companion is missing on a specific tab and the summon bell doesn't work, simply refresh the tab.
  • Glitching may occur in companion facial expression sometimes.

We're actively resolving this issue. Thank you for your understanding. If you need assistance, please submit a bug report.

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