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Admin Admin | Oct 25, 2023

Version 0.2.8 Patch Notes

New Features:

  • Pets can now have fun potion effects, such as turning into zombies, glowing, or becoming black cats.
  • Launched the Mysterious Timber Hut

Bug Fixes:

  • We resolved an issue where pets were mistakenly doubling up in your personal backyard.
  • We fixed pet animations that were freezing or glitching, as well as errors with wearables, like missing parts.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally, the extension may appear unresponsive. Switching back and forth between tabs will resolve this
  • If your pet doesn't want to eat despite hunger being below 100%, try moving the pet and the food
  • After switching accounts with different pets, if the summoned pet is incorrect, dismiss and re-summon the pet
  • If a pet is missing on a specific tab and the summon bell doesn't work, simply refresh that tab
  • Food may not synchronize properly after being removed, leading to inconsistencies between tabs
  • There's a possibility of pet animations freezing or pets disappearing after changing tabs
  • Pet facial expressions may experience glitches

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