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Admin Admin | Jul 17, 2023

Version 0.2.4 Patch Notes

It’s new patch time, Pawrents!

Here are new version patch with the following fixes and new features pushed out:

New Features:

  • Added Friend List feature (Pawpals), allowing users to add, manage and view their friends.
  • Added Friend gifting in Pawpals, enabling users to send gifts to their friends.
  • Added different types of gift boxes colors to differentiate level up, deliveries and friend gifting.
  • Added multiple gift box display in the kennel to notify user on multiple items.
  • Added share icon on Kennel Menu, making it easier for users to share their referral codes with others.
  • Added inventory notifications to indicate the addition of new items.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues where the kennel was missing or the popup got stuck on the "continue" button.
  • Fixed a bug where the level-up animation played when the pet was not summoned.
  • Addressed issues related to duplicating kennels and pets.
  • Fixed problems with un-synced kennel control navigations icons.
  • Made improvements to enhance the performance and functionality of the Pet Sync feature.

Keep em’ tails waggin’,
The MetaPals Team

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