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Admin Admin | Jun 28, 2023

Version 0.2.2 Patch Notes

It’s new patch time, Pawrents!

Here are new version patch with the following fixes and new features pushed out:

New Features:

  • Pet Boutique now open in the Sanctuary, allowing for an enhanced pet shopping experience.
  • Airplane information now displayed while flying in the Sanctuary, providing announcement.
  • Added a new maintenance UI in the extension menu to be displayed when the server is undergoing maintenance, providing a better user experience during such periods.
  • Implemented world boundaries for improved kennel sync, resulting in better synchronization.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue with the level UI that was causing inconsistencies in its appearance.
  • Made minor adjustments to the Tab Island main menu margin, improving the overall visual presentation.
  • Fixed a problem where the pet canvas size was causing the pet to be cut off or not fully visible.
  • Addressed an error where pets were sometimes detected as summoned midway through the loading process, ensuring a smoother pet interaction.

Keep em’ tails waggin’,
The MetaPals Team

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