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Admin Admin | Feb 12, 2024

Version 0.2.12 Patch Notes

Version 0.2.12 Patch Notes

Hi there, Pawrents! We just got an update that you will need to refresh your browser to see the changes🐶🐾. Here are the patch notes.

New Features:

  • Introduced the CNY 2024 kennel, which can be equipped upon claiming the ultimate reward.
  • Added a compatibility layer for incomplete spine files, to simplify the asset management and enhance pet synchronization between browser tabs.
  • We've balanced companion behaviors to minimize instances of sleeping, resulting in a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.
  • We've made some improvements to show the wearable animations in the behavior mechanics. Occasionally, you might catch a glimpse of a special dragon outfit animation!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue with trial icon sizing on daily drops.
  • Adjusted potion item tooltips to properly display their effects when hovering in the inventory.
  • Adjusted the positioning of the gift box in the kennel to prioritize displaying the newest ones at the top, ensuring easier access to the latest deliveries.
  • Fixed the bug with the Mysterious Vial potion item, allowing you to freeze the hunger meter for 1 hour upon consumption.
  • Fixed the problem with items showing a price of 0 in the boutique.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from claiming the monthly ultimate reward.
  • Resolved the issue where monthly missions were not being registered as completed even when finished.
  • Updated inbox message greetings to only use recipients' first names instead of their full names.
  • Fixed the display options buttons in the changing room causing the screen to freeze.

Known Issues Version 0.2.12

The MetaPals team is working hard to fix all the bug issues and we appreciate you reporting the errors and bugs!🧑‍🔧

Known Issues:

  • Occasionally, the extension may appear unresponsive. Switching back and forth between tabs will resolve this.
  • If your companion doesn't want to eat despite hunger being below 100%, try moving the pet and the food.
  • If a companion is missing on a specific tab and the summon bell doesn't work, simply refresh the tab.
  • Glitching may occur in the companion's facial expression and turning animation, sometimes resulting in the companion glitching into sleep position when picked up.
  • The level-up pop-up might not close. Please report the bug if this happens.
  • Delays in updating food quantities on the server result in hunger stats not increasing as promptly as expected, leading to inconsistencies in food amounts.

MetaPals is still in the early development stages and our team is working hard to make it the best it can be!😸 When you come across a new bug, don’t hesitate to report it to us through our Discord, this will help MetaPals to look into the matter and fix it as soon as possible.

Keep em’ tails waggin’,
The MetaPals Team🐾

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