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Admin Admin | May 6, 2023

Version 0.2.0 Patch Notes

It’s new patch time, Pawrents!

Here are new version patch with the following fixes and new features pushed out:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with pet not being able to eat
  • Fixed issue with pet remaining on screen even after extension uninstalled
  • Reduced chance of pet sync getting lost; sometimes the pet is sinking, but can now be solved easily by switching tab back and forth, compared to previously needing to resummon using the bell if the pet sank
  • Smoothened pet sync between tabs. This update makes pet synchronization smoother between tabs, reducing glitches and improving the overall experience.
  • Fixed pet sync for different tabs with different scaling ratio
  • Fixed possibility for Kennel to be out of reach
  • Fixed issue with pet shortcut menu not getting latest food & snack data: This update ensures that the pet shortcut menu always displays the latest food and snack data.
  • Fixed sizing issue with pet’s consumables. Consumables size size now corresponds correctly to the type of food, drink, or snack
  • Fixed issue with pet sliding on dismiss
  • Fixed issue with pet not being clickable/draggable when shortcut menu opened and the pet had jumped to an element
  • Fixed issue with add expiry time on tooltip for not started wearable trial item.

New Features

  • Pet Emotion: MetaPal can now express a range of emotions.
  • Sanctuary Tutorial: We have upgraded our tutorial on the sanctuary and released it for a more seamless and bug-free experience.
  • Added remove food option: Food can now be removed from the screen by right-clicking it and clicking the remove button.
  • Added a settings page menu: A settings page has been added with a button to clear cache, which can help improve performance and reduce glitches.
  • Changed accessories slot icon to face icon in the Wearables inventory: To improve clarity and consistency, we’ve updated the Collar Slot icon to the Face icon, making it easier to identify wearable items.
  • Sleeping MetaPal will now wake up after being picked up and dropped more than two times.
  • Improved the pet-locked shortcut feature and added the ability to store pet food and snack inventory for easier accessibility
  • The Pet ID has been added to the MetaPal Profile menu.
  • Added food sync improvements. With this update, your pet’s food will now be synchronized across tabs, ensuring consistency in eaten percentage, position, and availability.

Keep em’ tails waggin’,
The MetaPals Team

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