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Admin Admin | Feb 13, 2023

Version 0.1.9 Patch Notes

Happy Monday, everyone!

Here’s a fresh version patch to start your week right! We’ve introduced a number of quality-of-life updates and even sent through a box of surprises for some of you 😉 Here’s the full list:

Content Updates

  • Moved the inbox from the Kennel widget menu to the Sanctuary
  • Added Kennel Mailbox Shortcut for easier access
  • Added updates pop up dialog to prompt user survey, community invite, and mailbox announcement)
  • Updated FAQ link to new FAQ website
  • Added checkmark, grayscale filter, and detach button to equipped items
  • Added gift deliveries to users to receive through the Kennel
  • Implement gift delivery experience in Sanctuary
  • Added backyard to the sanctuary (includes Inbox and news banner)

Bugs Fixes

  • Resolved the problem of error messages appearing when the extension crashed
  • Improved pet sync system stability

Hoppy playin’,

The MetaPals Team

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