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Admin Admin | Dec 22, 2022

Version 0.1.3 Patch Notes

It’s that time of the game again!

Here are the latest content updates and bug fixes pushed out for MetaPals:

Content Updates
🐾 Users no longer need to reload their browsers to update their Chrome extension to the latest version.
🐾 Daily Reward widget now pops up when it resets for the day.
🐾 When patting, happiness meter increases only after patting behavior heart animations have finished playing.
🐾 Patting behavior pop up window only disappears in tutorial when patting action is successfully completed.

Bug Fixes
🐾 MetaPals’ appetite, happiness, and health stats no longer disappear.
🐾 Tentatively fixed bug where MetaPals’ appetite, happiness, and health stats remain at 0 despite user actions to increase them.
🐾 Only one Kennel and one MetaPal can appear on the screen, and both will only appear on the current tab that the user is currently on.

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