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Admin Admin | Dec 16, 2022

Version 0.1.2 Patch Notes

Hi everyone!

We released a number of hot fixes and content additions to MetaPals, and you can read about them below. To apply the update, simply restart your browser!

Content Updates
🐾 Added a bell to the Kennel to call the MetaPal when it disappears from the screen.
🐾 Added a tool tip that informs what each item is when the cursor hovers over an icon for ~1 second
🐾 Added tool tip naming for: Backpack, Care Index, Appetite, Happiness, Energy, Daily Reward prizes
🐾 Added a popup to show 2–3 seconds after tutorial ends to inform users MetaPal will appear soon
🐾 Happiness meter now increases when patting and picking up the MetaPal
🐾 Repositioned kennel buttons (close, minimize, menu)
🐾 Updated Kennel to sport a Winter skin
🐾 Added daily rewards that can be downloaded on to the PC (remember to log in the next few days!)
🐾 Updated outline/stroke thickness, currency outline and fill, and removed inventory filter button

Bug Fixes

🐾 Fixed the bug where food may float
🐾 Fixed the food bug where MetaPal starts eating it if user picks it
🐾 Fixed the tutorial loop
🐾 Dark matter count will start from what was given in tutorial instead of resetting to 0
🐾 Sanctuary and extension log in and outs are now synced to avoid different accounts being logged in at the same time
🐾 Updated the email/Facebook/Gmail icon that appears next to user’s email in the widget

Keep yer tails waggin’,

The MetaPals Team

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