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Admin Admin | Mar 13, 2023

Version 0.1.10 Patch Notes

Hoppy Monday, everyone!

To kickstart your week right, here’s some fresh version patch with the following fixes and new features rolled out:

Content Updates

  • Added ‘Routine’ feature that includes Freebies, Daily and Monthly Missions.
  • Adjusted pet’s reaction to food based on their appetite meter. If the meter is below 90%, the pet will run towards the food, but if it’s at 100%, the pet won’t eat.
  • Adjusted the patting speed to be faster.
  • Adjusted the name edit feature in the kennel board to allow up to 10 characters.
  • Adjusted the Dark Matter’s position to appear relative to the pet’s location.
  • Added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for the ‘Routine’ feature.
  • Add more consumables on the sanctuary vending machine
  • Adjusted the sanctuary sky based on the player’s timezone
  • Visuals adjustment on the sanctuary webpage, such as shop construction and updates on the adoption center

Bug Fixes

  • Links to the sanctuary now open in the same tab if already on the sanctuary.
  • Removed Kennel Mailbox during Tutorial.
  • Fixed the pop-up update issue with a close button.
  • Fixed the flipping patting bar issue.
  • Removed dark matter and pop-ups when the user is logged out.
  • Fixed the tutorial bug on sleeping pet step.
  • Adjusted the name length in the kennel board and the pet profile pop-up to not overflow.
  • Adjusted the MetaPal’s accessory slot on the profile pop-up to be more synchronized with the kennel’s accessory inventory situation.
  • New sanctuary tabs will now open in the same tab instead of opening a new

Hoppy playin’,

The MetaPals Team

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