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Admin Admin | Jan 25, 2023

V0.1.6 Patch Notes

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

Now that the team is back to full force from celebrating CNY and eating lots of goodies and steamboat with their loved ones, we’ve pushed out a new patch release comprising the following changes to the extension:

Content Updates

  • Added special skins for campaign winners (Igloo kennel) and Chinese New Year daily rewards (CNY kennel)
  • Patting mechanism has been changed from hold click to mouse hover, mimicking real life patting
  • Feeding mechanism has been changed: you will now need to drag and drop food from the inventory shelf
  • Added pop up instructions for new updates

Bug Fixes

  • Daily rewards will now refresh correctly when the day changes
  • Food items will no longer float on the screen when the window is resized
  • Fixed a problem with a slight flash of white content on the top-left corner of the screen (FOUC)
  • The extension will no longer become unresponsive after 30 days of use (expired refresh token)
  • Fixed the unresponsive Kennel toggle button
  • The extension is now optimized to prevent browser freezing
  • Made the extension lighter and more performant
  • Pet will load faster
  • Fixed unresponsive kennel

In case you noticed that there’s a missing patch update: we added slight optimizations to V0.1.5 and hence compiled both under V0.1.6. Fret not, we didn’t skip the announcement! 😎

Keep yer tails waggin’,

The MetaPals Team

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