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Admin Admin | Dec 28, 2022

V0.1.4 Patch Release Notes

Happy new year, everyone!

Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends 🎅🏻 As our mini present, here’s another patch with the following fixes and updates rolled out:

Content Updates

  • Disabled feeding when MetaPal is not on the screen
  • Kennel skins are now claimable and equippable
  • Players can now use the ‘Save’ button on Kennel display option to update their kennel skin
  • Adjustment on UI pop ups

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the daily reward date bug so it resets at the same time for all users
  • Fixed MetaPal’s stretched appearance on some websites.
  • The extension no longer has webpage overflow
  • MetaPal no longer ‘teleports’ to the upper side of the screen when jumping near the web border
  • MetaPal now eats food in the correct direction
  • Fixed welcome letter from Tao overflow text
  • Fixed feeding behavior after MetaPal wakes up to eat

Hoppy playing!

The MetaPals Team

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