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Admin Admin | Jul 17, 2023

Known Issues

The following bugs have been reported to the development team and we’re actively working on these to be resolved:

Known Issues:

  • Occasionally, the extension may appear unresponsive. Switching back and forth between tabs will resolve this.
  • If your pet doesn't want to eat despite hunger being below 100%, try moving the pet and the food.
  • After switching accounts with different pets, if the summoned pet is incorrect, dismiss and re-summon the pet.
  • If a pet is missing on a specific tab and the summon bell doesn't work, simply refresh that tab.
  • Food may not synchronize properly after being removed, leading to inconsistencies between tabs.

MetaPals is still in the early development stages and our team is working hard to make it the best it can be. When you come across a new bug, don’t hesitate to report to us, this will help MetaPals to look into the matter and fix it as soon as possible.

Keep em’ tails waggin’,
The MetaPals Team

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