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Admin Admin | Feb 24, 2024

Extension Guide: Settings

In Settings, you have the power to fine-tune every aspect of your MetaPals experience, ensuring it's tailored to your preferences and needs. There are two main sections in Settings menu, which consist of "Audio-Visual Settings" and "Account & Gaming Control."

Audio-Visual Settings:

  • Kennel Scale: Choose how big or small you want your companion's kennel to be, whether it's cozy and compact at 75%, standard at 100%, or spacious at 125%.
  • Music Volume (Coming Soon): Adjust the volume of the background music in the sanctuary to set the perfect ambiance for your adventures.
  • SFX Volume (Coming Soon): Control the volume of your companion's sound effects for an immersive experience.
  • Low Power Mode: Activate this option to reduce the burden on your device's memory, especially useful for older devices. When enabled, it turns off extension animations to optimize performance.
  • Enable 60 FPS: Enjoy smoother animations for your companion interactions, enhancing the overall visual experience.

Account & Gaming Control:

  • Update Extension: Easily check for and install updates to ensure you're always running the latest version of MetaPals.
  • Reload Tab: Quickly refresh your tab and extension if you encounter any issues or changes.
  • Data Cache: Clear cache to free up storage space and improve performance.
  • Factory State: Reset your settings to the factory defaults to troubleshoot any bugs or issues you may encounter.
  • Delete Account: Permanently delete your MetaPals account if you wish to part ways. Remember to confirm before proceeding, and if you need assistance, reach out to us at [email protected].
  • Log Out: Sign out of your MetaPals account when needed.

At the bottom of the menu, you'll find the version and build number, providing essential information for bug reporting and troubleshooting.

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