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Admin Admin | Feb 24, 2024

Extension Guide: Routines

In the Routines, you and your companion will embark on a journey of daily engagement to earn exciting rewards. Here, routines aren't just tasks—they're opportunities for both you and your companion to unlock valuable benefits through consistent interaction.

Routines has two sections: "Streak Rewards" and "Daily Rewards", each offering benefits for you and your companion for continued engagement. Let's explore the routines awaiting you! 🌟

Streak Rewards:

Streak Rewards are special rewards you can claim by logging in continuously. The longer your streak, the greater the rewards! However, if you forget to claim, your streak will reset back to Day 1.

Daily Rewards:

Daily Rewards offer a new reward every day of the week. With seven boxes horizontally representing each day, you can claim the corresponding box depending on the current day. Missed a day? Don't worry! You can claim the next day's reward according to the day you are claiming.

Claiming Rewards:

You have the option to claim all rewards at once with the 'Claim All' button.

Coming Soon:

Our team is continually improving mechanics and clarity for these routines, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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