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Admin Admin | Feb 23, 2024

Extension Guide: Profile

Your profile serves as your identity within the MetaPals ecosystem, offering insights into your journey and companionship. It consists of two main sections: "Companion" and "Progression."

Companion Section:

This section provides essential information about your account and your chosen companion, including the date of adoption and companion type.

Within the Companion menu, you can:

  1. Swap Companions: MetaPals allows you to have only one companion on screen at a time. Easily swap and change your current companion by selecting and applying a new one. Stay tuned as more companions will soon be available! To explore additional companions, visit the adoption center at Sanctuary Central.
  2. Edit Profile: While our team works on enabling full profile customization, you can currently change your companion's name here.
  3. Share Profile: Share your profile with friends on social media platforms by simply clicking on the designated icon.
  4. View Badges: Keep track of your achievements by accessing your badge icon. Stay tuned as more badges will be introduced soon!
  5. Manage Kennels: Access and customize your kennel design through the kennel icon. These kennels can be obtained as rewards from ultimate missions and special events.
  6. User ID and Backyard: Find your unique User ID at the bottom of the profile. You can also visit your backyard by clicking on the backyard icon.

Progression Section:

Currently under development, the Progression section will soon unveil rewards and insights into your level-up journey. Stay tuned for its upcoming release!

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