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Admin Admin | Feb 24, 2024

Extension Guide: Backpack

Welcome to the Backpack, your trusty companion's storage hub! Here, you can equip your companion with essential items and manage their inventory for optimal performance during your adventures together. Let's dive into the details:

Your companion's Backpack is divided into two primary sections: "Equipped" and "Inventory." Each section serves a specific purpose in ensuring your companion is geared up and ready for action.

Equipped Section:

  • This section displays all the items currently attached to your companion, including wearables and potion effects.
  • Four wearable slots—Head, Face, Body, and Shoes—allow you to customize your companion's appearance and abilities. Just click on a slot to swap out wearables from your inventory.
  • Easily equip potion effects by clicking "Find Potion," and monitor their duration in the potion slot.
  • Remember to save your equipped items to confirm changes for your companion's gameplay.

Inventory Section:

  • Here, you'll find a categorized view of all items available for your companion.
  • Four groups—All, Wearables, Consumables, and Toys—help you organize items based on their type.
  • Click on any item to equip or drop it onto your companion. Note: Dropping consumables is only possible when your companion is on screen.
  • Ensure your companion is well-fed by bringing food to them when they're present.

Additional Tips:

  • To remove wearables, simply click the 'x' button on the respective slot.
  • For consumables, right-click on the dropped item and select 'x' to return it to your inventory.

Coming Soon:

  • Our team is working on implementing additional functionality for toys. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting feature!

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