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Admin Admin | Jul 7, 2023

Event Tickets Giveaway FAQ

Q: How can I participate in the giveaway?

A: To enter the giveaway, follow these steps:

  1. Adopt your MetaPal companion for free at
  2. Follow on Instagram to stay updated on the latest announcements.
  3. Like the giveaway post, tag 3 fellow Friends in the comments, and share it to your story to let others know about this exciting opportunity.

Q: How can I earn extra entries?

A: You can increase your chances of winning in the following ways:

  • Share your MetaPals moments on social media using the hashtag #MetaPalsOnTour and #MetaPalsMoments for additional entries. Don’t forget to tag and make sure your account is public!
  • Refer friends to adopt MetaPals. For each friend you refer, you'll earn even more entries into the giveaway.

Q: Is the giveaway open internationally?

A: Yes, the giveaway is open globally, so anyone can participate. Please review the official rules for any specific eligibility requirements.

Q: How are the winners selected?

A: Winners will be randomly selected from eligible entries. The selection process will be conducted by the MetaPals team.

Q: How many winners will be selected?
A: We are giving away 2 tickets, with a total of 2 winners. Each winner will receive one ticket.

Q: How can I adopt a pet?

A: Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open on your desktop.
  2. Install the MetaPals browser extension for free.
  3. Create your MetaPal account and receive a welcome gift from Tao, the Tabby Cat.
  4. Visit the Adoption Center and adopt your MetaPal!
  5. Complete the tutorial to start your adventure!

Q: How can I refer my friends to participate? (additional entry)

A: Referring your friends to join the MetaPals adventure is easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Step into the Sanctuary at
  2. Copy your User ID from the Profile Menu.
  3. Share your User ID or referral code on your social media platforms to invite your friends to join.
  4. When your friends sign up for MetaPals, they can enter your referral code during the signup process.
  5. Once your friends have successfully completed the tutorial, it will count as a successful referral for you.

Q: What do the prizes include?

A: The prizes include 2 event tickets. Please note that the giveaway covers the cost of the event tickets only. Winners are responsible for their own accommodations and travel arrangements.

Q: What is the exact date for the event tickets?
A: The availability of the tickets allows the winner to select a date that suits their schedule best.

Q: How will you know which adopters have commented?

A: We will be conducting a random selection from all eligible entries, including comments, adopters, referral entries, and content sharings. This means that every participant, regardless of the entry method, has an equal opportunity to be selected as a winner. However, please note that participants who do not follow the complete requirements outlined in the official rules may be disqualified from the giveaway.

Q: When does the giveaway end?

A: The giveaway starts on July 6th, 23:00 PM SGT and will end on July 20th, 17:00 PM SGT. Please make sure to submit your entry before the deadline to be eligible for the prize draw. We encourage you to enter as many times as possible within the given time frame to maximize your chances of winning.

Q: How will the winners be notified?

A: Winners will be announced on the MetaPals social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition to the public announcement, winners will also be contacted directly by the MetaPals team through direct messages, emails, and in-game inbox messages. Make sure to keep an eye on your notifications and messages during the winner selection period.

Q: Can I enter multiple times?

A: Yes, you can enter multiple times by following the entry methods outlined in the giveaway guidelines. Each eligible entry increases your chances of winning.

Q: I have more questions. How can I contact the MetaPals team?

A: If you have any further questions or need assistance, you can reach out to the MetaPals team by sending an email to [insert email address] or by reaching out to us on our official social media channels.

Q: Where can I find more details and guidelines?

A: For more detailed information and guidelines regarding the giveaway, please visit our official website You will find all the necessary information, including the official rules, entry requirements, eligibility criteria, and any additional guidelines specific to the giveaway.

🎮 MetaPals is a FREE gameplay experience, and this giveaway is not commercialized in any form. We are committed to providing an exciting and accessible experience for all players.

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